Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today is the day. My friend Anita and I have challenged each other to eat healthy, exercise and drink plenty of water. It is time for me to get healthier so I can be around for my kids and sweet DH. My plan is to get 50-75lbs off by the last week of May. M and I are planning to go on a mission trip to the Philippines. I went last year and it changed my life forever. More about that later.
I am going to post my weight loss journey here. It may be mixed in with life and schooling.

More later..I am off to drive my son to another class.


Chris said...

Wishing you the best on your weight loss journey. It's always great to do it with a friend.
I was in the Philippines last year. It was such a helpless feeling...knowing anything I did wasn't even a drop in the bucket. I remember wanting to swoop up the kids and bring them home.

mommybug29 said...

Thanks for the well wishes Chris.
I know exactly how you fell about bringing those kids home from the Philippines.